What’s in Golden Pages 14?

Golden Pages 14 is out this Saturday, ahead of Watford’s game against Huddersfield Town at Vicarage Road. Here, we give you a sneak peek at what’s in this issue.

As well as all our regular features (Golden Eye, Who Are Ya?!, Away Day Diaries…), Tim Turner’s Watford XI, and our regular columns by From The Rookery End and Watford Ladieswe have a number of features to get stuck into. Here are a few…

Watford’s January Shopping List
Watford FC have started the season well, but there is always room for improvement. Dom Baker takes us through Watford’s January shopping list.

Finding a star for Watford’s Tree
David Anderson tries to come up with a solution for how to top Marco Silva’s Watford Christmas tree.

Watford FC half-term report
The Golden Pages team compile a report of Watford’s progress so far this season.

Baking for a Pozzo
It’s nice to know that Watford FC still support local businesses. Linda Anderson tells us what it was like to bake for a Pozzo.

A bittersweet start?
Alistair Cameron discusses the price Watford must pay for their successful start to the Premier League season.

Where is that 2006 team now?
Tom Wicks takes us through each member of Watford’s 2006 Playoff final team, and what they are doing now.

Brexit And…
Adrian Pearl imagines how Great Britain leaving the EU would have affected the Pozzo family.

How to never forget a game
For a seasoned football fan, it can be easy to let the occasional game slip your memory. But not for Paul Musgrave, who has found a way to remember every match.

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