What’s in Golden Pages 15?

Golden Pages 15 will be on sale outside Vicarage Road and online from this Saturday, 24 February. Still just £2.

Once again, we are welcoming a new head coach with an issue of Golden Pages. Javi Gracia (drawn on our cover by the fantastic Tom Bennett) is the fourth Watford boss to grace the front of one of our magazines. Let’s hope he’s the last for a while.

But what’s behind the cover? Read on to find out…

Firstly, we have our regular features: a column by the From The Rookery End podcast team, this time focusing on how Marco Silva is like an ex-girlfriend; Tim Turner’s Watford XI, this issue picking out players who have returned to the club for a second spell; Watford Ladies’ column, recapping their past couple of months.

But we also have a host of uniquely brilliant articles contributed by your fellow Watford fans, such as…

Empty seats
Every match at Vicarage Road sees thousands of sold seats left empty. Tom Wicks speaks to Watford FC’s head of communications, Richard Walker, and dissects the issue.

So Long and Thanks For The Fish! Part 3: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Adrian Pearl bids farewell to some of those who departed Vicarage Road during January 2018.

Not a Coach of the Team… A Team of the Coaches
Simon Marchant delves into the past of our recent swarm of first team coaches and comes up with a scheme to bring them all together in one big football team.

Orestis Karnezis: Watford’s Invaluable understudy
Karnezis had a nightmare start when he made his Watford debut against Everton at Goodison, but he’s come on leaps and bounds since. Tom Scarborough analyses why Watford finally have a backup goalkeeper they can rely on.

Calendar 4 Chelsea 1
Nick Burcher explains just how Watford managed to thrash Chelsea at Vicarage Road this season… it’s not how you might think.

Short-term Relationships
Since the Pozzo family bought Watford FC, the club has had plenty of short-term relationships. Omar Bellfield looks at how and why this is.

Acting Out
Adrian Pearl debates why Watford players have been acting out so much, particularly since trouble between the club and Marco Silva.

And last but not least… two years of Ronny and Ramage
The team from the Ronny and Ramage podcast look back at some of their highlights so far.

If any of this sounds appealing, make sure you pick up a copy!


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