Golden Pages Announcement

Dear readers,

Since we released the first issue of Golden Pages in May 2015, we have seen Watford return to the Premier League, reach an FA Cup semi-final, break our transfer records (both selling and buying) and much more. At Golden Pages we have released 16 fanzines, in just over three years… under five managers. It’s been a hell of a ride.

The continued support of our subscribers and regular customers is humbling, and it fills me with joy to see so many of you invest in something created by fans, for fans.

I started up the Golden Pages at a time when there were no other Watford FC fanzines in circulation. In a time when Twitter was on the rise and opinions on football could be impulsive and reactionary, the aim of Golden Pages was to provide a platform for fans to share considered thoughts and opinions on the team we all love, in a format that we all love. Every issue we receive dozens of articles from exceptional writers, to whom we are always immensely grateful.

On a personal note, since 2016, I have lived and studied at university in Sheffield. Not only has this made it very difficult to travel back to Vicarage Road for home games, it has also made managing the fanzine and its distribution very inconvenient. I am now entering my final year of university, the workload will only be increasing. As much as I enjoy the hours spent creating the fanzine, I am also becoming increasingly aware of the £27,000 it’s costing for me to get this degree, and I really don’t want to mess it up.

For this reason, Golden Pages will regrettably be taking a break from regular publishing this season. We are committed to providing a platform for our writers’ creativity, and we will continue to do this by improving the quality and consistency of our online output. We hope that many of you will continue to contribute. In addition, if and when we are able to publish physical editions of the fanzine, we most certainly will, not least because it’s something I personally really enjoy.

I apologise to anyone disappointed by this, but I hope you understand the decision. We will be back on paper soon, I promise.

Many thanks. COYH.

David Anderson



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