Golden Pages is Returning!

Friends, Readers, Contributors,

Golden Pages Fanzine is coming back.

A big thank you to David Anderson for handing over the keys to Golden Pages. David has done a fantastic job to create, build and maintain a brilliant fanzine, completely from scratch.

I am a huge devotee of printed fanzines. I have contributed to all but issue 1 of Golden Pages and a number of neutral fanzines and I love how insightful, interesting and funny they can be. I think it is wonderful to read from paper, which offers a different experience to online content. It is a challenging time for print, but similar to the vinyl movement in the music industry, I hope fanzines continue to bounce back and improve with age, like Quique himself.

So, onto the future…

The plan is to release two print editions this season and increase publishing frequency next season. Like any good (or rubbish) Pozzo transfer move, hard work is taking place behind the scenes before further information is released.

It won’t be possible without the contributors and readers. Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for more details of how you can get involved.

You ‘Orns


Tom Wicks


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