Want to contribute to the fanzine?

if you have something Watford-related to write, draw, photograph or design, please get in touch. Whether you have an eye for photography, are a dab-handed artist or have something to say about the Hornets, we will try and find a way for you to be included. We are always looking for people to contribute to the magazine.

Email us at to suggest an idea.

The Details


Please send across all articles as Word Documents if possible, with single spacing.


  • Single page – Roughly 500 words
  • Double page – Roughly 1000 words

Usually we try to keep articles to a maximum of two pages, but occasionally your work may be too fantastic to cut down – if that is the case, make it 1500 for three pages or 2000 for four.


We will always credit you for your article, but please feel free to use a pseudonym if you’d like to remain anonymous. If you’d like to include a Twitter name or link to your blog or website, we can include that in your byline and/or credit within the ‘zine.


We want our articles to be as accurate as possible. However, with a lot of articles to go through, and a lot of words in each article, it can often be hard to spot every typo or mistake. So please spell-check before you send across. As well as this, we love it when you include facts or stats, but please also double-check they are correct before sending them across. Please also include the source of your facts/stats, if possible.

If you don’t consider yourself a writer but just want to tell your story, no worries. We can always edit your article to help it flow.

Please remember, we may edit your article slightly before including it. This could be to help it fit the word count, to avoid repetition or simply to help it fit the general tone of the fanzine. Some articles may also be published on our website (with credit, of course) after release of the zine – contributing means you are happy for us to do this. 

These are guidelines to help you write your article, so please do not feel restricted or put-off. We really appreciate your contributions, as the fanzine would cease to exist without you.

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